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標題:[建議] 人事顧問 Personnel Consultant

recruitmenthktpa 發表於:2014/7/31 上午 04:36:51
中信人事顧問公司是香港一家提供專業人力資源方案服務公司,我們憑藉擁有超過15年優秀服務經驗之顧問團隊,多年來一直為我們的客戶,包括一些主要上市公司、多間跨國公司及中小型企業提供一站式人力資源解決方案。中信人事顧問公司的龐大人力資源資料庫及我們先進的資訊技術系統, 可大大地提升我們的客戶在其尋覓人才時的效率性及精確性。 因應客戶的須要,中信人事顧問公司提供了涵蓋所有人力資源方案領域之服務方案,當中包括了人才庫篩選招聘服務、人才派遣服務、專業獵頭服務、管理顧問服務及國內人才招聘服務等。

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TRUST Personnel is a Hong Kong based Recruitment Agency specializes in providing professional Human Capital related services. Over 15 years, we and our experienced consulting team have been delegated as recruitment partner of our clients that includes but not limited to Listed Companies, Multi-National Corporations and Small Medium Enterprises, assisting them and providing them with a One-Shop-Stop Human Capital service solution. With the aids of our Strong Database and our advance IT Information System, the speed and accuracy to locate our clients’ required talents have been improved in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
To cater client’s different needs and requirements, TRUST Personnel tailor made for them specific Human Capital related solution that embraces of Database Talent Recruitment, Staffing Services, Headhunting, Payroll Outsourcing, Management Consultancy, Mainland Talent Recruitment Services etc.


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